For over 50 years, while having a happy family life and successful 17-year career as a pioneer in the SEO website marketing industry, Jill Whalen’s internal life was filled with anxiety. That changed when she discovered that it was her thoughts creating her anxious feelings rather than other people and situations. With a few insightful “aha moments,” her anxiety no longer had the same hold on her as it once did.

She spent the last four years documenting her transformation in her blog, “What Did You Do With Jill,” while also helping others who are seeking change in their lives.

Jill loves to help others uncover their natural well-being and happiness so that they can operate from a clearer state of mind. She provides one-on-one mentoring to individuals, coaches, small business owners, leaders, groups and organizations. She also teaches workshops and seminars on topics such as relationships, stress, anxiety, and effortless success through passion power.

Jill is a mentor within the “Primal Happiness Thrive Community” and a faculty member of “Three Principles Supermind.”

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