Exquisite Mind – How Three Principles Transformed My Life, and how they can Transform Yours

Is it possible to rid yourself of chronic stress, anxiety and depression? Is it possible to experience true peace of mind? Is it possible to discover a new way of living life, beyond what you imagined? In this inspirational true story, Terry Rubenstein explains why this IS absolutely possible.

The Three Principles of Innate Health are a ground-breaking new paradigm for the world of psychology. Terry’s moving account shows how this revolutionary understanding replaces the countless misconceptions that cause many of us to lose our way. At the age of 29, Terry was an overwhelmed mother of 5 young sons suffering from acute depression and anxiety. A few years later, having learned something simple that explained all her past suffering, her life changed dramatically. She discovered the secret that lets you escape from being a helpless victim; that allows you to be resilient and secure in the face of life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Terry’s powerful story reveals the gift of an Exquisite Mind overflowing with infinite potential – and the unexpected discovery of the innate health that resides within us all. Thought is the divide that creates the chasm, but it is also the bridge that builds the connection. True psychological freedom is waiting for you. This book explains where you can find it.

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