Management by Inspiration: Discovering Your Natural Power to Lead

Management by Inspiration: Discovering Your Natural Power to Lead

Allan E. Flood

Forsidebillede til bogen "Management by Inspiration" skrevet af Allan E. Flood
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Management by Inspiration: Discovering Your Nat...

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“Management by Inspiration” is written by Allan E. Flood.

Management by Inspiration is an easy to follow path to:

1) Improved communication

2) Higher employee performance

3) Better customer relations

4) Enhanced time management

5) Less stress, burnout and conflict.

The approach to life described in these pages will help you get the best out of your employees and colleagues. It’s a breath of fresh air for managers who are tired of fighting personnel fires and who seek a different way to lead people.

Allan Flood wrote this book to explain what you must have, beyond information, to lead effectively. Managers need more than new variations of old approaches. In this age of escalating complexity, business leaders need a fresh understanding of the underlying forces that motivate people.

The truths in this book help you manage in the same way that a clear business vision helps you make decisions. A clear business vision simplifies problem-solving because it provides context and direction. When you know where your vision comes from and how to maintain it, you’re like the sailboat captain who can keep his or her ship on course despite changes in wind, weather and currents.

As you see how the simple truths in this book affect you, your management style will reflect a deeper, practical knowledge of how to vitalize your business and your employees. Allan Flood’s own journey, which began with realizing the extraordinary power of these simple truths, has been one of amazement and wonder at innate human potential. After years of following the ebb and flow of popular fads in management and mental health, he has found something truly enduring.

About the Author:

Allan Flood, author of Perfect Misfortune and Management by Inspiration, lives in Bend, Oregon. His unique and practical perspective of what really works to manage people successfully comes from hands-on experience in private industry (executive in a leading Southern California drymix concrete and packaged asphalt producer), as well as ten years in the mental health field. With humor and personal warmth, Allan shares with you his insights and proven methods of rejuvenating enthusiasm among workers in any type of business.

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