Coming Home: 3 Principles Based Poetry Book

Coming Home: 3 Principles Based Poetry Book

Sue Pettit

Forside til bogen "Coming Home: 3 Principles Based Poetry Book" skrevet af Sue Pettit.
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Coming Home: 3 Principles Based Poetry Book

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“Coming Home: 3 Principles Based Poetry Book” is written by Sue Pettit.

Coming Home is a collection of 26 poems covering 65 pages that were written in December 1984 in 48 hour period gratitude driven inspiration, one week after the arrival of a two week old adopted daughter. They were written in rhyme and iambic pentameter and were experiencd and proclaimed by the author to have come through her not from her.As the author states, “Coming Home is about coming back to myself and my own wisdom. It is about finding that peaceful place within; a place where I feel secure and full”She adds ” Coming Home was written as a celebration as I begen to realize that the only thing that takes me away from a peaceful life is traveling in my own thoughts.”In the last lines of the title poem, the author states with a powerful certainty, “Coming Home’s a simple journey, takes no movement on my part, Instead of listening to my thoughts, I listen with my heart.”This powerful experience occured shortly after the author and her husband had met Sydney Banks and had become students of the Three Universal Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness and as she had accompanied her psychiatrist husband to a 10 month fellowship in this new ( at the time ) understanding.The collection of poems was first self published in 1987 but as the interest in The Three Principles has flourished and spread internationally, demand for easy availability to the inspired poems has also multiplied. One of the poems “Lilly’s Loose”, whic captures the thought created experience of emotional upset, has been published with permission in six books by other authors. You are in for a treat!!!