My Guide Inside (Book I) Teacher’s Manual

My Guide Inside (Book I) Teacher's Manual

Kathy Marshall Emerson

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My Guide Inside (Book I) Teacher's Manual

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“My Guide Inside (Book I) Teacher’s Manual” is written by Christa Campsall and Kathy Marshall Emerson.

This Teacher’s Manual accompanies My Guide Inside Learner Book under separate title. My Guide Inside® primary curriculum (Book I) is a series of story-based lessons carefully crafted to teach learners about their natural inner wisdom, or their “guide inside.” Based on Three Principles that are foundational to all human experience—Mind, Consciousness, and Thought— this resource offers a hopeful, simple way for children, youth, and adults to gain new understanding about how they operate from the inside out. Designed to maximize personal well-being and improve school climate, behavior and learner performance, chapters such as “Discovering My Guide Inside,” “Happiness Inside Me,” and “Being A-Okay Today” provide vocabulary building, reflective journaling, and a variety of engaging writing, artistic activities and play to help draw out children’s awareness of their own inner wisdom. This guide intended for Grades K-3 is inclusive of all learners, meeting official learning objectives and student competency standards. Children naturally experience their wisdom and show resilience when given a hint about how life works. My Guide Inside® is a three-part comprehensive Pre-K-12 story-based curriculum covering developmentally appropriate topics in an ongoing process of learning throughout the entire school career. As a teacher, you choose the level of My Guide Inside that is just right for your students in your particular school system: Book I (introduction, primary), Book II (continuation, intermediate), and Book III (advanced, secondary). With this comprehensive curriculum, school leaders will be able to chart an ongoing instructional plan to share the principles with students as they move through the grades.
Supplemental picture book also available: Whooo … Has a Guide Inside?

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