Victim of Thought: Seeing Through the Illusion of Anxiety

Victim of Thought: Seeing Through the Illusion of Anxiety

Jill Whalen

Forsidebillede til bogen "Victim of Thought: Seeing Through the Illusion of Anxiety" skrevet af Jill Whalen.
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Victim of Thought: Seeing Through the Illusion ...

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“Victim of Thought: Seeing Through the Illusion of Anxiety” is written by Jill Whalen.

All our lives we were brought up to believe that other people and situations were what caused our anxiety. As it turns out, we were sold a pack of lies!

What if the only thing causing your anxiety is your own thoughts?

And what if underneath your anxious thinking was your true, perfect self–whole and healthy and untouched by all your fears?

How would this change your life?

For Jill Whalen, understanding this information switched off a lifetime of anxiety and addictive behaviors.

In Victim of Thought: Seeing Through the Illusion of Anxiety, Jill describes how she spent over 50 years in a constant state of anxiousness. While she could feel fine one minute, she never knew what might be lurking around the corner that could seemingly disturb her peace.

It was only when she learned the simple truth of where her anxiety was really coming from–and that underneath it was her innate well-being–that she no longer was a victim to it.

In this easy to read and understand book, Jill logically explains how having one or more insightful “aha moments” can wipe away a lifetime of anxious thinking. She shares numerous relatable stories and examples from her own life to help you see the truth in her words. Jill also provides you with step-by-step instructions to become more aware of your own thoughts, which in turn puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life.

But the proof is really in the pudding, and Jill encourages you at every turn seek your own examples and evidence of how you’ve let yourself become a victim of your own thoughts. Once you see this for yourself, your life and your anxiety will magically transform before your eyes!

If you’re tired of believing that you’re a victim to your anxiety, and are looking for a more peaceful life, then this book is for you.


“The book was fascinating, particularly as someone who also struggles with anxiety. I think you did a great job of explaining the concepts to a layperson. I particularly found both the Thought Stream and also the Thoughts Storm as a snow globe metaphors extremely effective! It’s very easy to relate to and very eye-opening. Hopefully I can find a way to start practicing some of this thought work into my own life! The idea that our normal state is peace – so simple, but so difficult to realize without it being pointed out!” – Ashley R.

“I love your book. It’s so wise and clear. I’m very grateful that you sent me a copy!” – Ingrid M.

“I found the thought processes you speak of very enlightening and it does seem to make the complex reasons for anxiety simpler to understand.” – Cyndy F.

“It’s great! Well written and flows well. I like that you began with your story and laid things out really nicely. The separate sections are super helpful and make logical sense to anyone who is new (or old) to the concept. Overall this book is VERY needed and useful and just has a really nice feeling to it as well. I think it would also be a reference for someone who has anxiety. A book they go back to when they get caught up in their thoughts.” – Lana B.