The Great Remembering: Turning the World Inside Out

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The Great Remembering is a book for young people everywhere ‘from age twelve to one hundred and twenty’.

It is a gentle journey back home to a place of peace and comfort for teenagers. Additionally, this book will be an invaluable resource for educators, youth workers, parents and those that foster, youth counsellors and anyone who works with the young in any capacity.

The Great Remembering explores in very simple terms the ingenious solutions that lie within us all. The book makes every endeavour to explore some of the pitfalls of life that most of us have fallen into at some stage in our growing up. It is a book that offers help, but help that continually points the readers back inside for their own answers. What makes it unique is that it offers no techniques or practices or steps to follow but reminds the reader that they are not only the solution to most of their problems, but moreover the world’s best expert on themselves.

The book offers the teenage reader a generalised approach to solving life’s ups and downs; making it simpler to see their way out of difficulties with more ease. It does not attempt to fix or solve potential problems or offer solace that ‘one-day’ everything will work out. The book goes some way to suggest that our problems in life are centred entirely upon the way we see the world, not from the circumstances and events themselves but from our perception of them. This guides the reader to see that the solution to their problems and difficulties, arise from the same source; from within and from their personal perception of life. The Great Remembering is an essential guide for young people everywhere, to help them find their way back to the balance they were born with.

This is an easy to read, non-chaptered ‘open at any page’ kind of book that will revolutionize the psychological health of youth at a time when such a book is much needed. It makes the bold statement that inside every person there is a wellspring of human resilience and goodness that is just waiting to rise to the surface, and all we need to do is remember.

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Dean Rees-Evans

Dean Rees-Evans

Dean Rees-Evans MSc. Human Relations Consultant, Public Speaker, Story Teller, Mentor, Facilitator & Trainer.

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  1. Jeanette Pagh Emanuelsen (verificeret ejer)

    Bogen giver gode hverdagseksempler på hvordan vores handlinger afspejler de tanker vi har, og også kommer til at tro på. Dean formår at gøre det nemt, og peger på det sunde i os selv, uden at være fordømmende eller på anden måde løfte en pegefinger. Han taler direkte til de unge mennesker, men vi kan alle lære og opleve i hans bog.

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