The Secret of Love: Unlock the Mystery and Unleash the Magic

The Secret of Love is a collection of stories and wisdom from couples whose relationships improved or completely turned around by applying Sydney Banks’ Three Principles and turning themselves inwards towards their true selves.

Written by students of the late Banks, and based on his book Thought and Marriage, the book ties together quotes from Sydney Banks and true stories that illustrate and exemplify successful application of the wisdom of you, the individual thinker. The book covers:

– Three simple principles that provide hope for every relationship

– Stories that talk about the secret of love as a spiritual gift and unlock the mystery many people feel about staying in love

– Discusses many of the common problems in relationships and how those problems can be transcended

– Designed to keep people focused on the feeling of love, not just the idea of love

– Reveals how to unleash the magic that comes from living in deeper states of consciousness.

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Christine Heath

Lori Carpenos


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