It’s An Inside-Out World

It's An Inside-Out World

Lori Carpenos

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“It’s An Inside-Out World” is written by Lori Carpenos.

“It’s an Inside-Out World” explores a new paradigm of reality that enhances and improves the way people relate to one another. The paradigm shift is real, but the story line is fictional.

Two girls, who are learning about the effects of feelings and emotions and how they originate, do a test to discover whether feelings come from inside or outside themselves. As they see how to calm their minds, they begin to realize that fresh, new, positive thoughts naturally take the place of insecure thinking. They learn that they don’t have to take other peoples’ thinking personally because they are free to create their own reality. There is unlimited potential and the free will to choose which thoughts to act upon and which thoughts to let go.


Author Lori Carpenos points young people directly to the natural happiness and good feeling that are born into each and every person. This “inside out” path means no fixing, no focusing on problems, no trying to figure things out. Rather readers “wake up” to their own well-being and a fresh view of life! What a rare opportunity to not only discover health inside but to discuss anything immediately with Lori via her blog. A genuine connection like this has unlimited possibilities! ”
Kathy Marshall Emerson, Executive Director, National Resilience Resource Center

Lori has helped many, many people find happiness within. Now she introduces us to two teenagers who do their own experiments to uncover the inside out nature of life. Find out their results, then try these experiments for yourself and see how this understanding benefits you!
Christa Campsall, B Ed, Dipl Sp Ed, M A; Website:

This book is for the kid at heart in all of us. Kids’ problems are our problems and vice versa, and the answers all point in the same direction: from the inside out. This is a very important book for teenagers that has potential to truly help them in their lives.
Jack Pransky, Ph.D., Author, Parenting from the Heart and Somebody Should Have Told Us!, and coauthor, What is a Thought (A Thought is a Lot)

Lori Carpenos has written a book that is fluid and clear and a real eye-opener for youth. In simple, easy to understand terms, It’s an Inside-Out World describes some of the difficulties in life that youth face in a way that can help all youth, and even adults, with their entire lives.”
Ami Chen Mills-Naim, author of State of Mind in the Classroom and The Spark Inside.

A fresh and contemporary introduction to how life works for young people in their often multi-channeled, fast-paced world.
Dave Nichols, Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Change

There is a list of resources at the end for people, of all ages, to learn more about this powerful paradigm shift and a link to tumblr where readers can communicate directly with the author.

Recommended reading age: from 10 – 18 years.

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