The Three Principles: A Beginner’s Guide

The Three Principles: A Beginner's Guide

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“The Three Principles: A Beginner’s Guide” is written by Damian Mark Smyth, Flavia Danzell Payne and Tim Gunner.

Discover The Three Principles Shaping Your Reality.
There is a simple understanding of how we experience life. In 1973, an ordinary Scotsman named Sydney Banks had a profound insight into the human condition. He wasn’t a scientist or a psychologist. He was a welder! But what he saw in a moment of enlightened perception would go on to change the world of psychology and psychiatry forever, helping people from all walks of life and with all sorts of troubling mental health conditions to live happier lives. Put simply, he realised that all human experience happens via thought. We are alive. We think. We feel thought. The implications of his revelation were far-reaching. We are all the creators of our own experience of life. We are what we think. We can’t choose which thoughts come into our heads, but we can choose what to do with them once they’re there. It’s the relationship we have with our thoughts that determines our experience OF life. This is why two people can have vastly different experiences of the same event. In actual fact, there are 8.1 billion different experiences happening at all times using the same system – same system, different results. It’s our thinking ‘about’ our thoughts that may trouble us. Once we see this at a deeper level, the responsibility for everything in our lives comes back to us. We have the ability to respond in a different way. Life is still happening, but our experience of life changes. In this introductory book on the Three Principles, the authors show you the tip of a very large iceberg and set you on your way to living a happier, more productive life. Step in and enjoy the ride.

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