Understanding Thoughts and Feelings: An Unfair Game: A twice told tale

This book tells two stories based on the same set of circumstances, but each has a different outcome. The first story is based on the belief that people, circumstances, and places have a direct and unavoidable impact on how we feel. Does that sound familiar to you? It’s what most of us believe, and current psychology will tell you that it’s true. This is an innocent misunderstanding that can lead to a great deal of unhappiness in all of us and tension between us and our children.

We often hear statements like, “The school drop-off makes me feel so anxious” or, “You make me feel so cross when you are rude to me”. But what if the school run, or somebody else’s rudeness, isn’t what’s making us feel anxious or cross? What if those feelings actually only come from the fact that we are thinking about our experiences and judging them?

I’ve been giving away copies of Sheena’s first book to clients, ever since I happened upon it – it’s that good! Now I’m delighted we have more, and in this short tale of one football game, seen from two completely different perspectives we learn once again how thought creates our entire felt experience of life – a lesson we can all benefit from hearing time and again, whatever our age.
— Dr Giles P Croft, former NHS surgeon, writer, speaker and 3 Principles practitioner gilespcroft.com

I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s about how you can see the same things so many different ways. I realised that my feelings come from thought and thoughts are just like bubbles, they always change or pop. Knowing that helps me, because I know that my perspective changes and in that way helps me enjoy things more.
— Maisie Andlaw, age 11, read the book on her own.

I thought it was a wonderful book with illustrations that keep children interested and reading becomes less overwhelming.
— Kerstin Andlaw (Mother to Maisie Andlaw)

D’Angelo loved the book, he’s a real football fan so he could really relate to the ups and downs of moods during a game! It was very interesting to him that those moods could just be his thoughts!
— D’Angelo , age 8, was read the book by his mother Clare Assante

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Sheena Oxer

Sheena Oxer

I have a degree in Molecular Biology and have worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Genetics Research, and as a Research Fellow in my local medical school co-ordinating a research project. My recent years have been focused on raising my children/ my family.

All my life I have been searching for something.  I have been on numerous courses, listened to many people on line and read many books. I have been given many tools and things to do but never anything like this.

I had an intellectual understanding of so much but embodying the ideas felt at best effortful, and at worst impossible.

I was searching, I thought that there was something wrong with me, that I needed fixing in some way in order to be a ‘normal’ human being. Through this understanding of how my mind already works I see that I am working/functioning beautifully, that nothing needs fixing. Through this lens of the understanding I see life differently. The anxiety which has been with me since childhood is falling away, the judgment of myself is falling away and hence also the judgment of others. I say falling rather than fallen, as there is always more to learn.

I have gone from a feeling of searching to a feeling of peace and of coming home to myself, to who I have always been. From a feeling that I had a core of sadness running through who I really was to a knowing that this is, in fact, not possible.

This has been gently impactful on my life through insights and although I see that others are working beautifully too, I see that our ideas of suffering can be alleviated for us through this understanding. I work with individuals and groups to share this logic of how our minds really work.

I am particularly interested in working with you if you are looking for anxiety counselling, as that is part of my history. I feel that this could be the things that you are looking for. I work from home in Devon. I also work internationally as most of my work is online via Zoom as well which is like Skype.


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