Understanding Thoughts and Feelings: A Walk to Grandpa’s: A tale of two stories

Understanding Thoughts and Feelings: A Walk to Grandpa's: A tale of two stories

Forsidebillede til bogen "Understanding Thoughts and Feelings: A Walk to Grandpa's: A tale of two stories" skrevet af Sheena Oxer.
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“Understanding Thoughts and Feelings: A Walk to Grandpa’s: A tale of two stories” is written by Sheena Oxer.

This simple book written in two stories and delightfully illustrated will help small and big people understand where their feelings are coming from. When we insightfully realise that our feelings are coming from thoughts we are having right now, we feel calmer, more relaxed and clearer about life. Our family life becomes easier and we feel more content, more peaceful and happier in our everyday lives. It is a story to encourage the reader to realise that we all know about a happier way of being already, it is not about changing our thinking.
We meet Anna who gets really upset seeing her best friend playing with someone else on the way to her Grandpa’s and we discover how we truly experience life which comes as such a relief.

I love it. There’s a beautiful innocence and hope in seeing our thoughts as neutral bubbles that will disappear. That’s a message for everyone.
Cheryl Bond – Essential Resilience, Executive Coaching and Business Consulting.

Sheena Oxer’s story is a lovely and enjoyable way to help children catch on to the magic secret behind their experience, and likely save themselves a lot of the unnecessary anxiety and stress that so many people experience in life.
Annika Hurwitt, Ph.D, As an author, teacher and therapist

I often get requests from my students and clients for something to share with their young children. I am so grateful I now can send this to all future requests.
Joseph Bailey, Licensed Psychologist, Author, and Counsellor

This simple book has the potential to eradicate the complexities, issues and problems that naturally occur.
Rudi Kennard, International speaker, www.innateevolution.com

The simplicity of Sheena’s message and her illustrations really hit home… planting a valuable life lesson in kids of all ages.
Sandy Krot – Director of Learning at Insight Principles andco-author of Invisible Power: Insight Principles at Work

Countless books have been written about underpinning of the imagination to the world we inhabit. But nothing has been written so childishly simply… I recommend Understanding Thoughts and Feelings, A Walk to Grandpa’s by Sheena Oxer as a guide for all ages and backgrounds!
Philip Franses, Senior Lecturer Schumacher College, DirectorGlobal Synapses

Children will easily identify with the story and by having the comparison of outcomes the simple but far reaching implication of knowing where our feelings come from is simply made. A great present for any child!
Peter Anderson Cert. Edn, Adv. Dip Edn (Cambs)


Reccommended reading age: from 5 – 18 years.

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