Atuagaq Eqqarsaatinik Eqqarsaateqarnermut tunngasoq

Qitsuk Kali ulloq naallugu assigiinngitsorpassuarnik eqqarsaateqarlunilu misigissuseqartarpoq. Eqqarsaatit ilai eqqarsaatigisorujussuusarpai allalli iperarnissai ilikkartarpai. Kalip sianissusitta qanoq periuseqarnera nalunngilluarpaa.

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George Pransky

George Pransky

Dr. George Pransky is one of the two professional founders of the understanding of The Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.  He has taught the Principles for forty years to individuals, couples, businesses and colleagues.

Dr. Pransky is the author of The Relationship Handbook and over fifty audio recordings.  During his career he has served on the faculty of three graduate universities and continues to pioneer this understanding in new industries.

Currently he is a partner at Pransky and Associates and on the executive committee of the Three Principles Global Community.

Linda Pransky

Linda Pransky

Linda Pransky went to graduate school at The University of Washington in 1975.  She specialized in psycho-social nursing, because she had an interest in learning how people change. She learned techniques and approaches to helping people, but nothing seemed long-lasting and beneficial.

When she met Sydney Banks in 1976 she saw a way for people to really change.  Her vision became one of helping people seek real and long lasting change.  Linda is currently on the executive committee of the Three Principles Global Community, and is a recent faculty member for the One Thought Institute and Partner at Pransky and Associates.


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