The Secret to Mental Health: An Operating Manual for the Human Mind

The Secret to Mental Health: An Operating Manual for the Human Mind

George Pransky

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The Secret to Mental Health: An Operating Manua...

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“The Secret to Mental Health” is written by Dr. George S. Pransky.

What if nothing is wrong with you but instead you have been living under the greatest misunderstanding of life…how your mind works? In this down to earth, easy to digest book, you will hear the story of Dr. George S. Pransky and how one meeting with one person, showed him a new discovery about psychology that not only changed his life but the thousands of clients he has worked with over the last forty years. Through personal stories and client vignettes, the reader can learn of a profound way to understand our minds to help all of us live with more ease and peace in our lives.

“In 1976 I met a person who completely changed my life. I was a practicing psychologist and felt discouraged at the progress my clients were making. I learned of a new understanding to help people live a more harmonious life. Since then, this approach is now being taught by hundreds of practitioners around the globe.” -Author George S. Pransky, Ph.D.

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