Life is a Metaphor: Metaphors, Stories and Musings for the Heart

Metaphors show people how to look beyond the surface levels of life, to an enlightened truth.

This book attempts to point to something deep, spiritual, and powerful.

Metaphors, stories, and musings speak to the heart, not to the brain.

Listen with your heart, that is where we all find inner truth.

“You must find it for yourself.”
– Sydney Banks

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George Pransky

George Pransky

Dr. George Pransky is one of the two professional founders of the understanding of The Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.  He has taught the Principles for forty years to individuals, couples, businesses and colleagues.

Dr. Pransky is the author of The Relationship Handbook and over fifty audio recordings.  During his career he has served on the faculty of three graduate universities and continues to pioneer this understanding in new industries.

Currently he is a partner at Pransky and Associates and on the executive committee of the Three Principles Global Community.


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