Beyond Diagnosis: A paradigm shift from pathology to innate health

Beyond Diagnosis: A paradigm shift from pathology to innate health

Chana Studley

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Beyond Diagnosis: A paradigm shift from patholo...

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“Beyond Diagnosis is more than a book, it’s a movement ….”
So many people are told they have a mental illness and that they will just have to cope. Beyond Diagnosis points to the fact that this is just not true. Contained in this inspiring book are over 45 personal stories of recovery from around the world. From psychosis to bulimia, from OCD to fibromyalgia, these stories describe how each person recovered from every mental illness and is living their best life. And when we say recovered we mean, off meds and not needing any further treatment. How?

Sydney Banks wrote; “There need only be one generic mental illness, a misunderstanding of the role of thought”.This truth is the basis of Beyond Diagnosis and shows how these amazing people were able to come back to their innate health.

Along with a critique of modern psychiatry and psychology, introductions to organizations who are working in the community, and over 40 peer-reviewed published articles, Beyond Diagnosis is an inspiration that will transform lives.

From the Forward by Dr Aaron Turner PhD.
“Beyond Diagnosis sits between two worlds. The world of our current view of mental health and a world with the potential for a very different reality of mental wellbeing …….. This is a pivotal book. Chana has gathered a wealth of evidence that demonstrates a consistent impact from learning about The Three Principles. She is giving you a chance to see this for yourself …. she has provided an opportunity for the wider world and the field of psychology and psychiatry to stop, take a step back, and take a new and fresh look at what this understanding has to offer.”

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