Painless: A novel about Chronic Pain and the Mind-Body Connection

Curious about the sudden disappearance of her debilitating back pain, Deborah dives deep into an international adventure to discover the truth about the Mindbody connection. Can she navigate the medical maze and demystify the experience of chronic pain for others? Will they believe that Thought is the ‘Missing Link’?

Painless is an inspiring novel about the connection between stress, chronic pain, and the gift of thought.

“Painless” has the potential to awaken fresh hope to the millions of people worldwide who spend the majority of every day enveloped and overwhelmed by their experience of pain. This state when left unabated often results in permanent disability and all too often in suicide. Chana does this with a clarity and certainty that would make Candace Pert Ph.D., the late pioneer in the oneness of the body-mind phenomenon, proud.” William F. Pettit Jr, M.D., Retired Psychiatrist, Board Certified in Psychosomatic Medicine.

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Om forfatteren

Chana Studley

Chana Studley

In the 1980s after 3 very violent attacks, Chana Studley suffered severe PTSD experiencing years of debilitating anxiety and stress. “It was like my brain just blew a fuse and everything went quiet.” Following this remarkable transformation, she trained to be a counselor and has spent the last 30 years helping others recover from trauma, chronic pain, and anxiety. Chana has worked with all kinds of clients, adults, and children who want a deeper understanding of their own experience.

Alongside her counseling career, Chana worked in Hollywood for 20 years creating special effects in major movies and gained an Academy Award as part of the team for the movie Babe.

In the last few years, she has become a certified Life Coach, a World Health Organisation Psychological First Responder, and a Three Principles Practitioner. As well as coaching and mentoring people all over the world she offers a transformational Program helping people with chronic pain.

Chana discovered that by turning her experiences into novels she can reach many more people. “The common theme in all my fiction is seeing situations where people have been told there is no hope or they will be coping for the rest of their lives while other people are making big money from their misery. There is always hope, there are many alternatives and there is a deep well of health and wisdom in every one of us.”


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