It’s All In The Mind, You Know!

Chronic overwhelm is one of the biggest problems of our age. Stress, ill health, absenteeism from work and deteriorating relationships seem to be inexorably on the rise. The metaphors in this book point to the solution to these problems and more. They will not provide tips, techniques or strategies, but reveal a simple truth about how the human experience works.

A truth which is hidden in plain sight, but invisible to most. The truth is, our experience works in one way, and it works this way whether you know it or not, in the same way that being ignorant of gravity will not save your phone from falling if you drop it.

What an understanding of this truth will do for you is improve your life in innumerable and surprising ways. It will take things off your mind, because once you know that something only works one way, all other options are no longer possibilities. It’s a bit like viewing a police line-up, and you don’t even have to consider five of the six faces, because you already know who the guilty party is.

With a clearer mind, a world of possibilities opens up. Stress fades. Creativity rises. Solutions to the most difficult problems are suddenly within reach. Relationships go from strength to strength. Interested in unlocking more of your true potential? Then read on!

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Phil Hughes


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