SANE: Getting Real With Reality

SANE: Getting Real With Reality

Clare Dimond

Forsidebillede til bogen "SANE: Getting Real With Reality" skrevet af Clare Dimond
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SANE: Getting Real With Reality

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“SANE: Getting Real With Reality” is written by Clare Dimond.

Over the last 20 years, human capability, exploration and discovery has transformed beyond recognition. Yet, in that same period, mental health seems to have gone in the opposite direction. Anti-depressant use has risen 400% in the US, three hundred million people suffer from anxiety and depression is now the number one cause of disability world-wide.

What is going on with this? How is it that the human race can create extraordinary life changing devices and technology and yet our mental health seems to be in free fall?

What if this is because we have it all wrong? What if we have been trying to find mental health, peacefulness, happiness, freedom and fulfilment in the places that continually prolong the search?

We’re going to look at an understanding that might be so diametrically opposed to how you view yourself and others that it might seem absolutely ridiculous.

There might be ideas in this book that you have never even contemplated before, that have never crossed your path.
Yet there is nothing new in this, nothing complicated and nothing radical. It is as old as time. It is as simple as waking up. It is as ever present, yet as often unnoticed, taken for granted, as life itself.

This is going to be a strange sort of book.

It’s a book about sanity, reality and delusion.

Much of it might well sound insane.

It’s not.

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