The Shift: Ten truths of profound mental health

The Shift: Ten truths of profound mental health

Clare Dimond

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The Shift: Ten truths of profound mental health

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“The Shift” is written by Clare Dimond.

There is a video of a child struggling with terror in the sea. He is crying and his arms are flailing. His face is contorted in fear. It looks, from the perspective of the camera, as though the child is drowning.

And then along comes another child who calmly, laughing even, grabs hold of the drowning child’s feet and places them on the sea bed. The drowning child is now standing up and the water barely reaches his thighs. He was never in any actual risk. And yet, in the perception of danger, in a mind lost in the belief of drowning, with behaviour responding to perception rather than reality, he could have drowned.

This is an apt metaphor for the struggle that is the nature of the human condition. The Struggle takes place when a mind and body create an experience of being that is completely out of alignment with reality.

In The Shift we explore how a mind lost in the fight with its own created reality settles into the profound presence, love and truth that is its sane state. It is the end the of the on-going attempt to secure a fragile sense of self by controlling emotions and experience, turning life into an on-going revelation of the thought-created nature of self and reality and of the unchanging truth of existence that is prior to thought.

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