WELL: Getting real with physical and mental health

Getting ‘real’ with mental and physical health is a very big subject. It means exploring what is true and what this means for physical and mental health. In her sixth book in the ‘Getting REAL series’, Clare Dimond, explores how a misunderstanding about what we are confuses the way physical and mental sensations are interpreted.

Believing that we are what we think we are and that we are (or should be) in control of the the body, thoughts, beliefs, moods, feelings, state and experience is the source of all suffering. It sets up a battle with what is and a personal story of self that has nothing to do with actual reality. It sets up a search to secure the self identity that can last a lifetime and that can play out in the body and mind in the form of stress, hopelessness, resistance and exhaustion.

But if there is readiness, the search ends here in the realisation that what is being looked for in that search can never be found. And when the rising up of symptoms and sensations prompts curiosity instead of the need to immediately retreat back into the ‘comfortable torture’ of the identity, then there is the possibility of something else. There is the possibility of that search losing its life-and-death urgency and being seen for the beautiful, innocent misunderstanding it really is. There is the possibility that all those symptoms and sensations tied into the attempt to secure the self, will find their home. There is the possibility, finally, of the living in the freedom, peace and wellness that we really are.

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Om forfatteren

Clare Dimond

Clare Dimond

Hi, I'm Clare Dimond

…and helping businesses, schools and individuals flourish is what I do.

I’ve got a zillion qualifications in human performance and communication from BA psych to post grad journalism to yoga to an MBA to NLP to hypnosis…

….and decades of experience in global marketing and communication consultancy….

But I never felt really at ease until the day I understood how our minds work.

Because, up until then, I thought that stress and anxiety meant that I had to think more to find the solution and to change things in my life to feel OK.

I thought that I had to be a certain way to be successful and to avoid failure.

I thought that everything in life came from thinking more and working harder.

I believed it was all on my shoulders, that the buck stopped with me.

This only meant more stress, more anxiety and more worrying.

Then one day, I realised that who I am has nothing to do with the thoughts about myself.

You, like me, will realise this.

And when you do, you will see beyond the ‘you’ that you have worried about, tried to improve and protect.

Any idea of who you are will disappear as you become a channel for inspiration, for life, for awareness of the miracle of our true nature.


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