Beyond Beliefs: The Lost Teachings of Sydney Banks

Beyond Beliefs: The Lost Teachings of Sydney Banks

Linda Quiring

Forsidebillede af bogen "Beyond Beliefs" der er skrevet af Linda Quiring.
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Beyond Beliefs: The Lost Teachings of Sydney Banks

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“Beyond Beliefs: The Lost Teachings of Sydney Banks” is written by Linda Quiring and with foreword by Jack Pransky.

After publication of “Island of Knowledge”  Sydney Banks and Linda Quiring began work on a second book, Beyond Beliefs.

While the first book detailed Linda’s experience and life changes after becoming a student of Syd’s, the following years saw dramatic change on Salt Spring Island.

Sydney Banks’ initial and revelatory experience brought scores of young and idealistic spiritual seekers to the Island to hear Syd’s teachings and become his students. As his reputation spread, mainstream people came to join what was to become a fairly large following of students. As word spread further of the amazing events taking place, psychologists and other professionals came to experience firsthand the healing effect Syd’s message had on others. Banks came to believe that his message could change psychology forever.

In Beyond Beliefs Syd speaks with psychologists, outlining his radical ideas about the mind and its dysfunction. Some of them are dismissive of this ordinary, uneducated Scottish man’s wisdom; others are mesmerized, become ardent life-long students and carry his message into their practices. Beyond Beliefs contains the original teachings Sydney Banks shared with these mental health professionals and others.

About the Author:
Linda Quiring and her husband Bill live on a small farm on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia where they grow heritage apples and keep bees. Recently retired after 35 years making Artisan soaps and body care products, Linda is the author of Island of Knowledge and Beyond Beliefs: The Lost Teachings of Sydney Banks, and is working on her third book.


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