Mentored by Mind: Soul to Soul Conversations

Mentored by Mind: Soul to Soul Conversations

Elsie Spittle

Forsidebillede til bogen "Mentored by Mind: Soul to Soul Conversations" skrevet af Elsie Spittle
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Mentored by Mind: Soul to Soul Conversations

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“Mentored by Mind: Soul to Soul Conversations” is written by Elsie Spittle.

“Mentored by Mind is a powerfully enriching contribution to enhancing one’s level of understanding of the elusive Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.Through a delightful series of moving vignettes, Elsie Spittle lucidly illustrates the difficult to articulate, but potent transformative power of The Three Principles. An abundant variety of stories portray her clients’ courage, hope, inspiration, self-trust and their ability to overcome fear and doubt. The stories point to the joy of being your own best friend and mentor; of being guided and empowered by wisdom.This book is fifty years ahead of its time, representing a paradigm shift from the traditional medical model of mental health. It offers a remedy for the relief of stress by means of enhancing one’s mind-body health connection holistically. It disentangles the mind from contaminated personal thinking, differentiating wisdom from ego, leading to innate mental health and self- esteem.Elsie pours her heart and soul into her writing. She has a warm, motherly way about her that guides her clients’ journeys with insight, gentleness, love and understanding.Savor the richness and wisdom of this book. It will bring you to a deep understanding of life’s mysteries. Be prepared to enjoy reading, reflecting and re-reading this book, tuning in to its simple yet profound and inspiring message.”Dr. Wally Litwa, Board Certified Family Physician, Retired


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