Wisdom for Life – Three Principles for Well-Being

Wisdom for Life - Three Principles for Well-Being

Elsie Spittle

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Wisdom for Life - Three Principles for Well-Being

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“Wisdom for Life – Three Principles for Well-Being” is written by Elsie Spittle.

In this inspiring book, Elise Spittle presents a collection of heartfelt stories and anecdotes of people in numerous fields who are experiencing the benefits of working with the principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as defined by philosopher Sydney Banks. Drawing on her extensive background of training sessions and seminars, Elise describes a world of hope and insight in which people are uncovering their own hidden wisdom to discover new ways of dealing with everyday life: * Inner-city communities are being revitalized * Prisoners are being rehabilitated * Addicts in drug and alcohol treatments centers are finding true recovery * The homeless are gaining hope and self-esteem to become productive citizens * Clients in mental health clinics are discovering renewed hope and optimism * Corporations are producing wiser leaders and happier, more productive employees * Dysfunctional families and couples are finding new satisfaction in their relationships * Students are becoming knowledgeable and better able to withstand the pressures of modern life * Ordinary people are discovering new satisfaction, contentment and joy in life.

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