Nuggets of Wisdom: Learning to See Them

Nuggets of Wisdom: Learning to See Them

Elsie Spittle

Forsidebillede til bogen "Nuggets of Wisdom: Learning to See Them" skrevet af Elsie Spittle.
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“Nuggets of Wisdom: Learning to See Them” is written by Elsie Spittle.

“Elsie Spittle is a treasure—warm and wise with a depth of understanding that illuminates human psychology. In her book, Nuggets of Wisdom, she shares hundreds of discreet invitations to awaken to our own ultimate resource—the wealth of wisdom within us.”
Michael Neill, radio show host and bestselling author of The Inside-Out Revolution.

These insights occurred during coaching conversations, based on the Three Principles, which the author had with her clients—from executives to couples and individuals seeking peace of mind and a deeper meaning to life. These gems of wisdom, if heard, have the power to touch your soul.

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